[RO2] DPS Sorcerer Build

(Personal) PvE DPS Sorcerer Build (for Asiasoft RO2 only)

I see lots of people find my blog from RO2 Sorcerer keywords, so I have to tell you that I had stopped playing RO2 since late February 2013, so this skill build might be unsuitable for current server setting


Thanks to Asiasoft effingNERF on Sorcerer healing skill, now Sorcerer can’t go well with hybrid build anymore. They must choose DPS or support build (P.S.: Sorcerer IS a hybrid class from beginning). So, do I mean DPS build better not take healing skill at all?

Core skill:

Cold Bolt 5
Frost Driver 3
Seal of Wind 5
Jupitel Thunder 3
Varetyr Spear 5
Soul Binding 1/3 (!)
Earth Shield 5


First, let’s look at Sorcerer’s famous skill: LAND OF RECOVERY

Before (and after) nerf, Land of Recovery effect as follows:

Restores over 10s every 2s HP of all Party or Raid Members in 10m radius around the target by amount of your MATK.
Level 1: 15% MATK   (after nerf: 7%)
Level 2: 16% MATK   (after nerf: 8%)
Level 3: 18% MATK   (after nerf: 9%)
Level 4: 20% MATK   (after nerf: 10%)
Level 4: 22% MATK   (after nerf: 11%)

Seal of Earth effect as follows:

Increased your healing effects and if your Heal crits, the target recovers an amount of your MATK as HP over 6s
Level 1: Increases Heal by 2% (after nerf: 20%) & 20% MATK HP recovery
Level 2: Increases Heal by 4% (after nerf: 20%) & 23% MATK HP recovery
Level 3: Increases Heal by 6% (after nerf: 20%) & 25% MATK HP recovery
Level 4: Increases Heal by 8% (after nerf: 20%) & 28% MATK HP recovery
Level 5: Increases Heal by 10% (after nerf: 20%) & 30% MATK HP recovery

No matter how DPS Sorcerer are you, Land of Recovery IS A MUST. People invite Sorcerer because of their Land of Recovery, not Varetyr Spear.

Here goes my personal build —> [link]

  • Soul Bind: Depends on your group. Since I don’t have regular party (I’m a lone wolf, heheh), I’ll max Soul Bind to lv 3 (30 mins cooldown). But if you have trusted people, you can left this skill at 1
  • Deluge: This skill only used at emergency situation. Better leave it at 1.
  • Summon Aqua: Since summons (actually all things :p ) can be selected now, you can leave this at 1. Summon can help you during battle.. or kill you :p
  • Jupitel Thunder Mastery: If you think 5% chance is not enough, you can max it to 15%


Skill rotation in dungeon boss (actually depends on Tank / Priest play style, I hope they are skilled enough)

Seal of Wind > Spam Cold Bolt till Wind Arms triggers > Switch to Seal of Earth > LoR > VS > JT > rinse and repeat.

If boss starts to summon mobs, your priority is to cast LoR and kill the mobs quickly. After then you can start hurting the boss again. Sorcerer is NOT a main DPS/nuke, left the main DPS job to Ranger/Rogue, kill the mobs as fast as you can, and don’t forget to left green, shiny LoR below Tank, and the group will be happy.



~ ArcEine (Freyja, Sorc 45+ on semi-hiatus)


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